Weekly Rate & Market Update 11-10-17: Do you know someone who can help me with…?

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Question of the week:  Do you know someone who can help me with…?

Answer:  This is a question I am asked not infrequently from people looking for some type of professional advice or representation, and the answer is, Yes. Yes, I do know someone who can help you with…

One of the benefits of being in this industry for thirty years is the number of different types of transactions I have been involved in.  As well I am, and have been, active in several organizations that gives me the opportunity to meet and work with professionals in several different disciplines, and within those specific specialties.

Have you created your trust yet to protect your assets and family? I know several attorneys who specialize in this type of work.

Do you have an issue with real estate you own that requires some legal advice? I know specialists in real estate law.

Own your own company and becoming less satisfied with your accounting and tax preparation? I know CPAs who specialize in small, medium or large businesses who can help you get back on track.

You are the executor of an estate and need valuations for settlement and taxes? From real estate appraisers to professional evaluation experts I can provide you with someone to speak to.

Having HR problems at your work, either as employer or employee? I know several people with different focuses on human relations and employment that may be able to assist you.

You were involved in an accident, or someone broke a bone climbing your fence, or you have had some other incident occur in which you need legal representation? Whether as defendant or plaintiff you may find one of the attorneys I know that specialize in civil or criminal law able to help you with your incident.

You have received that very unwelcome communication from the IRS or State Franchise Tax board notifying you of an audit and your accountant is not an audit specialist? I can provide you with recommendations for someone who is and can represent you to the tax agency.

Unfortunately, all relationships do not work out, if this is the case and you need to speak to someone about a divorce or legal separation, and possibly represent you, I know several attorneys in this area as well.

And of course, through the years I have come to know, trust and respect several real estate professionals who can represent you if you are thinking about buying or selling real estate.

You know a guy, me, who knows several guys and gals from a wide range of professions and specialties. If I do not have personal knowledge of someone and their capabilities I definitely know someone who does and can provide a very good recommendation.

From financial to legal advice and assistance if you are in need of a quality professional please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for a referral to someone who may be able to assist you. After all, you know a guy so use him!

Have a question? Ask me!

Remember, with Dennis it’s not just a mortgage, it’s your complete financial picture.

Rates for Friday November 10, 2017: Regular readers of the WR&MU will note a lack of economic news impacting mortgage rates this week, the dearth of data this week will be more than made up for next week as we have important data released on inflation and spending. With the lack of major news this week rates are flat, with the conforming rate having no change for four weeks. Next week’s data however could put upward pressure on rates so if you are in a position to lock I suggest you lock.


30 year conforming                                            3.75%           Flat

30 year high-balance conforming                    3.875%        Flat

Please note that these are base rates and adjustments may be added for condominiums, refinances, credit scores, loan to value, no impound account and period rate is locked. Rates are based on 20% down with 740 FICO score for purchase mortgages.


Gratitude and respect for the Veterans out there who have served, or are serving, our nation. While we recognize our Veterans in N

ovember every year, it is important that those in need get assistance throughout the year. One organization that has done exceptional work helping those Veterans in need is the Paralyzed Veterans of American. PVA has been in existence for over seventy years and has a wide range of services they provide to not only help those currently in need but to fund research and advocate for future needs of our Veterans.

If you are able and willing you can click here to make a donation to the Paralyzed Veterans of America, there is also an option to make your gift in someone’s honor, a nice way to let a Veteran you know and respect that you are thinking of them and their service.

Have a great week,


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