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Thank you for visiting my website. Throughout my career I have worked hard to educate my clients on the mortgage process and ensure they understand all their options when purchasing or refinancing their property.

Most mortgage sites have an application page where you can input all your financial information and expect a response for a loan approval. You will not find such a page at DennisCSmith.com. The reason? There is much more to ensure you have the mortgage for you and your family besides how much money you make and how much money you have. Over the past thirty years my clients have benefited from my deep discovery when discussing their mortgage needs and options, as my concern is not just for the current mortgage you need but also the future and how that mortgage will serve you.

So instead of an application page on the site you will find a contact page inviting me to get in touch with you so we can begin the process of what your needs are for a mortgage and find the right options and solutions to your homebuying or refinance needs.

With thirty years experience in the mortgage industry I have a lot to share with you, most importantly excellent service and quality mortgage products at excellent rates.  Top pages on the site are:

My Blog where I provide news that impacts the housing and mortgage industries, my opinions on the mortgage industry, tips on mortgages and every Friday post an email I send to real estate professionals commenting on the economy and interest rates for the week. This is a great education tool that is copied and linked to major newspaper and mortgage sites across the country and is essential for understanding the mortgage process and industry. If you wish to be included in the weekly email please let me know.

My Bio details my experience, qualifications and engagement in the industry and community.

Testimonials provide the opportunity for you to read what my clients have to say about my service.

If you are looking for interest rates quotes like many mortgage sites provide, you will not find me quoting them on the website, to find out why check out what I need to know to provide you with an accurate quote at the Rate Quote Criteria page.

Once again thank you for visiting DennisCSmith.com, if there is something you would like to see on the site please let me know. In the meantime, contact me about your mortgage situation so I can provide quality service and a great mortgage product for you and your family!

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