Over the years I have had the privilege and honor of working with many wonderful families, here is what a few have had to say about their experience working with me.


We appreciated working with you on our recent refinance and I have referred others to you who are looking for a mortgage broker with demonstrated Christian principles and character..

Keep up the good work.

Jay & Lorraine S. ,Long Beach, CA  Funded refinance



I consider you my “goto guy” for any financial consulting in regards to my home and mortgage.

Best of luck to you and I hope this message finds you well!

Best regards,
Adam & Maureen C., Long Beach, CA, Funded first home purchase


This may not be necessary, but i want you to know how valuable your services not to mention your friendship is. I know I can speak not only for myself, but for Pat as well when I say how wonderful your advice has been in the past & any future advice we will surely need in the future re: real estate, homeownership, etc. Our first home buying experience was a slam dunk and I believe it was not only “meant to be” but we had honest, incredible, trustworthy, experienced professionals like yourself leading & advising us every step of the way. We felt so prepared for every turn in the road. Personally, I think some of the people out there wanted to believe a too good to be true scenerio, and unfortunately there is always gonna be someone out there to tell you what “you want to hear”, not necessarily what is right, smart or in your best interest. Thank God you are not that kind of a person. You are always there to “tell it like it is” and you know how much I love & appreciate that. Thank you for your fantastic service and your friendship. We look forward to future transactions with you & tell all our friends about you.


Amber and Patrick E., Long Beach, CA , Funded first time purchase


We have used your services since 1998, during this time we have been most impressed with the services you provided to us. Your advise has always been at no charge to us and has always resulted in a financial transaction that was favorable to us. You are our # 1 go to guy.

However, in the past we have attempted to use countrywide independently (not going though your Company) and did determine that the person we spoke to (at countrywide) over the phone was very evasive in assisting us were it not for you we would have been duked.

Again the services that we have received from [email protected] has been great.


Emmett & Marilyn L., San Jacinto, CA , 4 Funded purchase and refinance loans from 1998 through 2007

Dennis ~~~

We know you from our transactions with you, and value your honesty, integrity, vast knowledge and assistance with our past loans. We’ll never hesitate to recommend you to family & friends.

With warm regards,

Pat & Judi W., Long Beach, CA , 5 Funded purchase and refinance loans from 2001 through 2007


Good job. I count you among my friends and am honored to trust you with my home mortgage business. You have my support and confidence.

Jack & Chihiro G., Whittier, CA, applied August 2007, funding September 2007


We have always appreciated your integrity, honesty, expertise plus friendship! Thanks!

Greg & Maria W., Long Beach, CA , Funded transactions 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006

thanks fort the note, Dennis.  we loved the way you helped us out of our “interest only” disaster account which i blame the guy who set it up for us for…..it was a loser but I guess he figured that was a quick way for us to get the house and for the realtor co to get the commission.  we had no complaints over the way anything else was handled but when we finally looked at the results of making payments for a year and the loan amt had not been reduced at all, we contacted him again and he said there was nothing he could do for us.  you saved us and we are thankful.  best regards, kal
Karen & Bob L., Long Beach, CA Funded refinance
Dear Dennis, 

The world of mortgage finance is not only confusing but, as we now know, loaded with those that would take unfair advantage of their clients. We’ve always felt more that confident in our dealings with you. It means the world to us to know you are truly a professional that keeps up with the latest information, rates, and lenders. Your professional relationships alone is worth your commission. What wasn’t mentioned was the time you give so generously to not only keep your clients informed but to explain complicated processes and terminology as well. 
As the saying goes, “You get (or, don’t get) what you pay for. 
Keep up the good work!!  Best wishes to you and your family. 
Bruno & Rebecca R.  Long Beach, CA Funded purchase 2001, refinance for remodel 2003, refinance for lower monthly payments 2006
Mr. Magic:
Ok…Now you just doubled our happiness!  Deos that statement even make sense?  Anyways…when we signed our papers this afternoon, the new mortgage was $104 less than what you estimated.  That’s $410 PER MONTH you just saved us! Not to mention the $3000 in closing costs!
Thank you sooooooooooo much!  You are amazing at what you do!
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I know we will…
Andrea & Jelani Long Beach,  funded purchase 2008 and refinance 2009
Thanks for the flag for our new home! We really appreciated your availability and willingness to explain everything to us.  Thank you for all your help and hard work.  You rock!
Lisa & Curtis C. Long Beach, new home owners 2010