24 Criteria For Quoting Accurate Mortgage Rates

Before quoting rates for a client there are at least 24 things I need to know about you, the transaction and the property. This is a list of the most important 24. Do not just look at a rate and assume that is what you will get.  You may get a lower rate or a different loan depending on these 24 criteria. Anyone quoting a rate without finding out this information is not providing an accurate rate quote.

wLoan Size wResidency wDocumentation

wLTV wAvailable Assets wTransactional DI

wCLTV wAsset Seasoning wRe-caste Option

wCredit Score wCo-borrowers wRelocation

wCredit History wDebt Ratio wSeller Contributions

wHousing Ratio wPurchase/Refinance wClosing Date

wLoan Type wProperty Type wOccupancy Type

wEmployment History wPre-payment penalty? wGift funds

Anyone providing a quote for a mortgage rate that is not considering these criteria is not providing an accurate or reliable rate quote!